Single Payer

130.931           Healthcare Delivery System Including Single Payer Insurance

MSSNY will continue to consider the feasibility of other payment methodologies including single payer and will also continue to work collaboratively with physicians who both support and oppose such proposals in order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of such proposals. MSSNY will continue to advocate that physicians are ensured direct input and ongoing involvement on all aspects of any single payer system or other system that may be considered by the New York State Legislature or United States Congress. (Adopted Council Nov, 2017 [sub res for 2017-62 & 63])

130.934          MSSNY Single Payer Healthcare Survey

MSSNY, with input from the medical student section, design and conduct an objective poll by email of the collective opinion of MSSNY members and non-members ascertaining both their knowledge of the single payer health care system and their support or opposition of such a system in the State of New York. (HOD 2014-109)